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How Horses Building Communities began…

Care for the horses is part of the program

Care for the horses is part of the program

While teaching Sociology a few years ago, Diana Poulson was discussing the affects of war on society with her class at the local college. One of her students,  a disabled Gulf War I Navy Veteran named Rueben G Collins,  began to talk about a movie he saw called “Horse Boy.” Diana had read the book and knew the story well. It is about an autistic boy who gets into a program for children with disabilities, who are then introduced to horses. The children learn to care for the horses and to ride them. Through this program this autistic boy begins to talk for the first time.
After discussing the movie and the book with her class Diana asked Rueben if this type of program would be helpful to veterans. Rueben became very emotional and said a resounding “Yes.” This is how the idea for Horses Building Communities planted itself into Diana’s mind. She knew she was going to make this a reality. She moved forward and several years later is striving to help our veterans integrate back into their families and into society through the dynamic connection with horses.

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Why Horses?

Because horses are prey animals, they are acutely aware of our intentions, our moods and our movements. They are highly attuned to all that is going on around them and they respond immediately to their environment. By paying close attention to these responses we are reminded to identifying where we may be holding stress and tension. (Read more…)

HBC is a proud member of:

  • Sonoma County Horse Council
  • California Collaborative for Therapeutic Horsemanship Programs Serving Veterans, Military and Their Families



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